Problem with Mac OS 10.8.2 & Market-Q

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Problem with MAC OS 10.8.2 & Market-Q
We have discovered an issue with Market-Q and the new Mac OS.   Mac OS 10.8.2 does not include the Java plugin. Previous versions of the Mac OS came preloaded with Oracle Java 1.6 however now with Mac OS 10.8.2 users have to install the java plugin separately.  The issue is that the java version that Apple installs for users is Oracle Java 1.7 instead of the previous version of 1.6.   Oracle Java 1.7 is causing an issue with our Market Q product as well as numerous other Java apps on MAC machines.  We have our engineers working to resolve the issue but we do not have an eta at this time.   We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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