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Time & Sales

We have increased the search and filter capability with in our Time & Sales window by now allowing you to filter Time & Sales data by numerous fields such as:  Date, Time range, Price/Range, Size/Range, Value/Range and Broker ID.

to filter by date, simply enter the date you would like to see or you can utilize the calendar icon. 
to filter by time/ range or a specific time of day, utilize military time. 
to filter by price / range enter a price in space available by price/range and click the arrow on the title bar or by hit enter on your keyboard. 
enter a size by size/range and hit enter, again your filtered results will be displayed 
please note: if you wish to quickly remove or reset these filters, simply click on the ‘reset’ button

once you have filtered your time & sales window to your preferences, you can click on the grey icon to‘ hide filter’ in order to save space on your page; later you can mouse over the same grey icon and view your filter criteria in a tool tip window.

you can view exchange corrections, insertions and deletions with in the ‘condition’ column.

those viewing toronto stock exchange data can add the columns for buyer & seller id display.   you can mouse over the buyer and seller id to see the underlying contributor with in the tool tip window.

in the right click menu is the display properties; this is where you can the change properties for the time & sales window; items such as text, quotes, trade text, colors and background colors can be adjusted, gridlines and formatting.