ICE Data Services -

Waterfall Time&Sales

this window enables users to create a time & sales view for multiple symbols or a watch list, in order to watch the trade movement of a specific list of stocks. the trades will be displayed in reverse-chronological order for all symbols being monitored as time and sales information is received from the exchanges.

add symbols to the waterfall window

here you can enter symbols based symbols, watchlist or sector industry.  the empty text box to the right will change based off which option you choose for symbols.  you can also search by date, time, brokerid or value
once you have your search criteria set, select enter or the arrow button in the toolbar

waterfall for symbols mmi, aapl, odp, bby

your waterfall window will populate as trades are placed on the symbols you set in the search criteria.

you can change some of the settings within this window by right-clicking and then going to display properties.