What is a watchlist and how do i add one to my page?

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faq - what is a watch list and how do i add one to my page?

a watch list allows you to assemble a list of symbols that are important to you. the watch list is very configurable. note: the available configuration options depend on where you click on the watch list.

adding a watch list to a page:
there are several ways to add a watch list window to a page.

1. click on the watch list window option and drag and drop the icon to the page.

· note:  as the cursor hovers over the page a red outline appears. this shows you where the watch list window will be placed. move the icon around the page to find an optimal location.

2. from an existing window on a page:
right click in the empty space within the title bar or click the down arrow in the title bar.
hover over the watch list option and slide cursor to the right.
click on a location.

an empty watch list displays. when done, save the workspace.