Utilities / Preferences

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Utilities / Preferences

startup/exit: you can choose how you want the program to save your changes. you can also choose how you want your page to open when entering the program. we have a shared symbol list and you can choose to have the shared symbol list on workspace saved, by checking or unchecking.

connection: you can select to connect automatically or a specific port to connect

time zone: you can choose what time zone to display your data in. your choices are local, exchange, & gmt.

workspace: you can manage how you want your workspace to look. you can change how the window opens, the way you want symbol linking to work, if you want to link to external window, save symbols in defaults, and if you want symbol auto-complete on or off.

alerts: you can set how you want to receive your alerts, the colors, and store alerts

Hotkeys Gestures: In this window you can choose a specific key to do a described function

and you can now assign gestures.

appearance: you can choose how you want your program to look by changing the theme, font size, toolbar, and whether to have scrollbars and page tab preview turned on or off.

symbol extensions you can specify exchange preferences for symbol entry; this allows you to enter a symbol that currently has an exchange extension without typing the extension in. example cm-tc you no longer need to add the –tc.

printing: you now have the ability to print. you can choose how you want your pages to print by choosing the choices below.

black scholes: when using black scholes for displaying options, you may change the way in which the option impvol price and underlying impvol price is calculated with the choices below. you can also override server values, display volatility in percents, and greeks displayed in ticks.

expression shortcuts:  here gives you the ability to store and name all of your expressions.  once you add the expression and give it a name, you can then type in the name of the expression on your watchlist and the expression will appear.