Symbol Search

ICE Data Services -

Symbol Search

Symbol Lookup is located on the top right hand section of the toolbar.


Or click the Magnifying Glass icon on an individual window. 


The below window will appear.
You may search by Symbol, Name/Keyword or CUSIP

 To use the Symbol Lookup do the following.

  1. Enter the desired Symbol, Name,CUSIP, ISIN or SEDOL
  2. Please ensure that the appropriate search feature is selected by clicking the filter boxes on the left. (shown below) 
  3. Click Search


note: with the 3.4 release, we have introduced a new rebust type-ahead feature that allows you to search for a symbol in the snap quote window as well as the symbol search window.  as you start to type within the search window, a list will appear with symbols based off what you type into the text box. (shown below)