How to Auto Fill Empty Cells With RTD Links

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How to Auto Fill Empty Cells With RTD Links

1.) In order to perform this process you will first need to add one set of RTD links to your spreadsheet with the symbol and heading fields you need. To do this simply create a new Watch List and add the headings you need (please visit our Product KnowledgeBase for instructions on how to create new Watch Lists and add/remove headings). In the example below, we created a new Watch List with the Last, Net Change, %Change, and Volume headings:



2.) Select a symbol in the Watch List by left-clicking on it (it should highlight the symbol a different color when selected) and then right-click on the symbol to bring up the right-click menu.


3.) Select ‘RTD’ and left-click ’Selected Rows’ as shown below:


4.) Open a new or existing spreadsheet in Excel and then right-click and select ‘Paste’ in the cell you would like to start your RTD links in, as shown below:





5.) After adding the RTD links, change the RTD links for each field heading so that they reference the Symbol cell associated with the row they are on. To do this, double-click each RTD cell and type the cell letter and number in place of the symbol located in the symbol reference code (make sure to remove quotation marks). In the examples below, the RTD links for Last, Net Change, % Change and Volume are changed to reference cell A2:










6.) Now simply select one of the RTD links by left clicking on the cell and then dragging the Fill Handle across the range that you want to fill with RTD links. See below:


Select RTD cell:


Left-click and drag the Fill Handle across the range:


7. Repeat for all the other field columns except the Symbol column. 



(Note: The values will all be zero since they are referencing empty symbol cells)




8.) You can now type new symbols in the empty cells under the Symbol column without having to change the reference values in each RTD link for each field. Each RTD link will now update automatically across the board and reference the symbol you add to your spreadsheet. See below:



9.) To create additional RTD links simply left-click on the last RTD cell in the column and left-click and drag the Fill Handle across the range you want: