Java Installation

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Java Installation

in most cases java may already be installed on your pc.   to download the latest version of java visit and click ‘free java download’.  follow the instructions listed on sun's java install page which include clicking 'install' when prompted with the following message:

once java has been installed, you'll be prompted to "always trust content from interactive data/market-q" the first time you log into the application.  you'll want to add a checkmark to this prompt to bypass this message with each login.

enabling jre (java runtime environment)
to ensure optimum settings for this application, it's advised that your web browser be enabled for java runtime environment (jre) which can be done through the control panel. 

browsers: internet explorer 6.x (win xp sp3), internet explorer 7 (win xp sp2) internet explorer 7 (vista business sp1), internet explorer 8 (vista business sp1), firefox 2.0, chrome 1.0 and safari 525.0.

jre version: 6.0

to see whether your browser is configured to use the java runtime environment (jre), first open the windows control panel. from the start menu button, select settings, then control panel to open the control panel. you should see the java coffee cup logo icon in the control panel.

double-click the icon to open the java control panel.  under the general tab, click network settings.  'use browser settings' is the default and should be selected. 

also under the general tab, click the 'settings' button to view the temorary files settings.  'keep temporary files on my computer' should be checked to avoid long applet load times:

moving to the advanced tab of the java control panel, you'll want to click the plus icon (+) icon next to default java for browsers.  this will reveal the available browsers.  make sure the boxes next to internet explorer, netscape, and mozilla are all checked.

if any of these boxes are unchecked, click the checkbox to enable the jre for your web browser.  click apply.  jre should now be enabled for your web browser.  also under the advanced tab, click the plus icon (+) next to security to exand the available options.  'allow user to grant permissions to signed content' should be checked.  please note that other settings might also be checked but this is the only one required for the application to run properly.

for additional info on configuring java please click here
if you continue to experience difficulty please reply with any additional information including any error that you may be experiencing.  for additional assisance please contact us via email