ICE Data Services -


how to create a “portfolio
1. create a new symbol list by left-clicking the “green plus button”
2. give the new symbol list a name
3. change the heading field to portfolio
4. view mode should be set to watch list
5. add in the symbols you have positions on


how to add or edit your positions
1. right-click on a symbol,  go to "edit position" and enter desired amounts for each item.

 note: you can also double-left click in the last column next to the symbol to edit a position.

"how to get your total summary for market value, gain/loss and % return on all positions

1. right click on your watch list, scroll down the list and select properties.

2. under section "formatting", place a check in the box “show footer (not available in summary mode)"
3. left-click ok.

 4.  once this is done you will see a footer at the bottom of your watchlist with your totals for all positions