Hot List

ICE Data Services -


The Hot List window functions in a similar way to the Watch List. Including complete column/ field library and auto refresh which can be set with in the display properties.  We’d like to bring the following to your attention:

  1. by clicking on the drop down arrow you can choose from 150 hot list categories, for example the gainers or losers for the day, from the tiered hot list menu.

  2. you can adjust how many symbols are displayed by increasing or decreasing the number displayed

  3. hot list are defaulted with a ‘simple’ column heading, but you can adjust by choosing another column heading from the drop down or going to ‘customize’ and creating your own.

  4. you can refresh the data by clicking on the refresh icon  

  5. to change the refresh rate, right-click anywhere on the hotlist window and left-click on display properties. once the window appears, left-click on the hot lists on the left side of the window.